Best Shampoo for Fine Hair

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Due to modern styling techniques such as heat styling and hairsprays, our hair is more susceptible to stress which makes it dry and prone to damage. This is particularly a concern for individuals with fine hair. This article will address how to find the best shampoo for fine hair.

Best Shampoo for Fine Hair

best shampoo for fine hair

Shampoo for fine hair should have the following properties:

1.  Proteins

Proteins are the primary ingredients needed for fine hair. They are responsible for growth, elasticity and thickening. Proteins also help to volumize and hair, making it smooth and silky.

Keratin is the most essential protein because it repairs hair follicles that have been damaged due to over processing. With keratin nourishment, your hair will be easier to comb and style.

By repairing injured cells, the chances of hair thinning and hair loss are greatly decreased.

2.  Panthenol

Next to keratin, panthenol is another essential ingredient for finer hair. By penetrating and saturating the hair shaft, it increases the volume of each strand.

Panthenol is a precursor of vitamin B5 which functions to increase moisture, reduce itching and promote healing of damaged hair cells.

3.  Removes Oilshampoo for fine hair

A shampoo that eliminates oil from the scalp is essential to eliminate the “flat” appearance of hair. Sebum, otherwise known as oil, causes hairs to affix to the scalp which reduces their overall volume and makes it difficult to style.

Although sulfates effectively strip oil from your hair, they can actually make problems worse. The hair cells will compensate for this drastic loss in oil by producing even more sebum to counteract the loss. Consequently, your hair may become even more oily!

Therefore, choose a sulfate free shampoo for fine hair which removes oil using natural ingredients.

Top 5 Sulfate Free Shampoo List

Top 5 Sulfate Free Shampoo List

We feature the best sulfate free product list on the market and review the pros and cons of each. We recommend the best shampoos for all hair types including color treated, thick, fine, curly, or thin hair.

4.  Clarifying Properties

A clarifying shampoo which removes extra grease and chemicals are ideal to prevent your hair from feeling “weighed down”.

Build up from chemicals like hairsprays, gels, and even chloride can give your hair a depraved, dull looking appearance which we all know is unattractive! Even worse, these chemicals can cause damage and result in hair thinning.

Redken Cleansing Cream is a high quality product that effectively removes minerals by binding them and washing them away. We found that this cleanser successfully cleans your hair without completely stripping it of its natural oils, leaving it thicker and more volumized.

shampoo for thinning hair

shampoo for thinning hair for women

Redken products are also formulated with fruit extracts to provide additional nutrients to give your hair that extra shine.


It’s easy for fine hair to get oily even after a day. Choose a gentle sulfate free shampoo that is marketed for daily washing. Ingredients like keratin and panthenol will help to thicken hair to give it a fuller appearance.

Because chemical build up can decrease the volume of your hair, we recommend using a clarifying shampoo once a week. You’d be surprised with the results.

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